Yes, you can make money blogging, and no, it’s not easy 😒

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1. You need to write. Like, a lot.

Getting traffic’s hard enough without taking on extra work

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1. Tags

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Perhaps I should have checked before I became one…

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And actually start creating content

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(For those of you that don’t know, AP is when you spend so long thinking about what you’re going to write about that you never actually start)

In fact, it’s a recipe for burnout

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Without having to get up at 5 am

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But writing what you want to know can be better

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And actually have that money in your bank account

I’ve wanted to be a full-time writer my whole life.

  • I drafted a novel
  • I started multiple blogs
  • I started several ebooks
  • I applied for jobs on freelance writing boards
  • I bought Tailwind…

Caroline Cocker

Writer, blogger. Rabbit parent to one. Plant parent to many. Occasional runner, jigsaw puzzle enthusiast.

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