Yes, you can make money blogging, and no, it’s not easy 😒

1. You need to write. Like, a lot.

I mean, sure, you could devote every hour of every day to promoting on social media, working out how to subtly drop links on Reddit, taking awesome photos, learning how to edit them, building backlinks, etc, etc, etc.


If you want to be a writer…

Getting traffic’s hard enough without taking on extra work

Blogging is not a quick win. You’re highly unlikely to be making good money in less than a year, so it’s best to assume it’ll take a year (and that’s just to get the traffic, not the actual cash in the bank).

And if you’re an overnight success, that’s just…

Before you scream ‘BUT I HAVEN’T GOT TIME’ at me, yeah, I know. Starting a niche website can be a massive, stressful undertaking if you’re new to it.

All that keyword research, niche research and actually writing the articles is hardly a stroll in the park.

But PLEASE hear me…

Perhaps I should have checked before I became one…

It wasn’t like I was expecting to be lounging on a chaise longue whilst dictating my latest bodice ripper to an assistant wearing a Chanel twinset and glasses on a chain (#goals though).

To be honest I hadn’t really put much thought into what my life would look like. As…

And actually start creating content

I have to admit, I’ve never really struggled with analysis paralysis.

(For those of you that don’t know, AP is when you spend so long thinking about what you’re going to write about that you never actually start)

Ideas for websites just occur to me, and I start them.


In fact, it’s a recipe for burnout

Everyone wants a side hustle nowadays. Ever read Refinery29’s money diaries? They all have side hustles — even those on massive salaries.

I always dreamed I could write for a living, but it isn’t something I thought was actually possible. …

One thing I’ve discovered about increasing one’s productivity is that it can’t exist in a vaccuum. There’s no point planning to write 10 hours a day when you only have two free.

Instead, you to ensure you can squeeze as much into those 2 hours as you can, and try…

Without having to get up at 5 am

Let me start by saying I hate productivity porn, nearly as much as I hate ‘useful’ tips such as ‘make sure you have your own office space’.

Even worse than those who can seemingly enlarge their house on a whim (and simultaneously free it of toddlers, pets, and obligations) are…

But writing what you want to know can be better

Writing advice is great.

I mean, without researching how to write, how else would I procrastinate for hours a day?

And as it goes, you could do worse than ‘write what you know’.

Makes sense, no?

How would one write what one didn’t know?

If you’re looking to make a…

And actually have that money in your bank account

I begin with a whole spiel about my hopes and dreams, but stick around — there’s a pretty sexy table I made in Canva coming up.

I’ve wanted to be a full-time writer my whole life.

Apart from a brief interest in being a vet/lawyer/florist when I was eight, it’s always been my dream.

(Not just the writing, but the…

Caroline Cocker

Writer, blogger. Rabbit parent to one. Plant parent to many. Occasional runner, jigsaw puzzle enthusiast.

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