Learning how to write for search engines changed my blogging trajectory. I’d say overnight, but SEO doesn’t work like that.

I’ve blogged for years but felt I had to work for every single page view – promoting on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest to get a couple of views from people who didn’t really care.

I personally don’t use keyword tools – I instead use Google’s suggestions to help me find keywords I think I can rank for.

Like I said, it takes time – it’s taken 8 months for me to reach 10k page views consistently a month but:

  1. I spend 90% of my work time writing, which is what I like doing. I don’t promote on social media at all.
  2. It’s replicable. I have 3 blogs in wildly different niches that follow the same pattern traffic-wise, which is really exciting

Writer, blogger. Rabbit parent to one. Plant parent to many. Occasional runner, jigsaw puzzle enthusiast.

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