Search ‘blogging’ on Pinterest and all you see is people who claim to have made thousands in their first couple of months blogging. What they don’t tell you is:

  1. This isn’t their first blog
  2. They have a budget to outsource…everything
  3. They worked 80 hours a week on their blog
  4. They’re straight-up lying.

I make about £1200 per month from my website (I monetised it last month so I won’t see the money for a while). It’s been live for about a year. Actually, exactly a year. Happy birthday, Planet house plant.

But I’ve had several other blogs before that one, all of which helped me learn a little more. All in all, it’s taken nearly a decade to get to the point that I’m earning (largely) passive income.

Due to hosting costs, buying domain names, and spending money on a variety of things that I thought would accelerate my success (premium themes, Tailwind, courses), it’ll be a few months before I break even.

Was it worth it? Yup. If I went back in time and told past me what the timeline would look like from starting out to earning an income, past me would probably be a little overwhelmed.

I gave up a dozen times, often for six months at a time. I totally deleted a personal finance blog with hundreds of posts that I REALLY wish I’d kept. I tried my hand at freelance writing. I have a novel that needs redrafting. If you love to write, you’ll get there in the end.

I do have a concrete tip, though it isn’t exactly groundbreaking:

Forget about traditional blogging.

No one cares about how pretty your blog looks – they want help with their issue.

Immerse yourself in your niche. Make a note of every problem you face and document everything you tried to fix it, and your results. Take photos that will help your reader – it doesn’t matter how well lit they are.

Don’t write review posts based on amazon reviews. Review stuff you own, that you’ve actually used. Your crappy £5 product may not earn you much affiliate commission, but it’ll really help your readers – and that’s where your value lies.

In the past I’ve put off writing articles because it would take a few months to collect the data, but those articles are incredibly useful and google loves them. The time will pass anyway.

Writer, blogger. Rabbit parent to one. Plant parent to many. Occasional runner, jigsaw puzzle enthusiast.

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