The most important thing is to set a content goal and set out a schedule to achieve it. Don’t get put off if you can only set aside a couple of hours a week/month to dedicate to your blog – it’ll all add up!

So many people recommend writing every day but that wasn’t feasible for me. Just do what you can.

Forget about things like design and promotion (unless you actually enjoy social media) until you have a big body of content – like 100+ articles.

Spend whatever time you have on keyword research and writing. I wouldn’t even bother with an monetisation strategies until you have a tonne of articles.

Lastly, do NOT give up.

It took me so long to make money from my blog, and I thought about quitting a million times – I switched up my niche a tonne, and changed themes, hosting companies, and strategies dozens of times – but once you start getting those few cheques, it makes it all worth it.

It will take longer if you’re working full time, but it’s still 100% doable if you stick at it. It doesn’t matter if you go weeks or months without posting anything – all that matters is that you don’t give up and delete the whole thing.

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